Is Priyanka Gandhi the Game Changer?

    Entry of Priyanka Gandhi into direct politics is a game changer for Congress. Till now, politics in Congress centered around Rahul Gandhi but now media coverage to Priyanka Gandhi is more than coverage to Rahul Gandhi. Is it not game changer? Whether she will be game changer in Indian politics , time only will tell but she is certainly a game changer in Congress politics. Her direct entry into politics has made an impact on leadership in Congress. Though she is in charge for Eastern UP, she is in demand allover the country from Congress leaders, She already campaigned  beyond Eastern UP. She campaigned in Silchar, Assam in support of Sushmita Dev. She toured Wayanad, Kerala. Media is focusing more on Priyanka than Rahul Gandhi now a days. So, it may be a game changer in Congress in coming days.

         Priyanka Gandhi made her entry suddenly. Rahul Gandhi went to US from Dubai and convinced her to join with him in Indian politics. She came and joined straight away in election campaign. As on now, she picked up the narrative floated by Rahul Gandhi only. She is yet to make her own image and her own narrative. But she is firm in interactions and seems assertive more than Rahul Gandhi. Her knowledge in Indian culture and society is yet to be assessed. She looks like her grandmother who is still popular in post Independent India. Her charishma , her grace, her strong will power will made her an icon in Indian politics both positive side and negative side. That is why people are crazy towards Priyanka as she possesses physical looks of Indira Gandhi. But observers immediate comment is that she does not have the grace Indira had. May be so. It is too early to comment. Let us wait for some time before jumping into conclusion.

        Priyanka started politics with casual comments on sensitive issues which naturally is en cashed by BJP and political commentators. She replied very casually to reporters that she is prepared to contest against Modi in Varanasi. It became hot news in the media and hype was created around it. Then, decision came that she is not contesting in Varanasi. It is a moral defeat to Congress cadre who eagerly waiting for positive news to boost their morale in UP elections. Similarly, she commented that Congress party is contesting to cut BJP votes wherever there is no chance to win. It was naturally en cashed by the media and BJP and branded Congress as ' Vote cutter party'. Though she tried to minimise the damage next day, already it served the result for critiques. O course, these things are natural at the entry level. People started commenting that she also follow the footsteps of her brother in making statements and withdrawing later. Hope, she will not be another Rahul Gandhi.  

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